SEO Workshop – NCR , Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida


About the SEO Course

The Basic SEO Training Workshop provides you with full days of instruction, practice,  to ensure you have the basics that will guarantee results. The techniques taught during the Basic workshop do not require technical knowledge or HTML . You’ll practice and learn our easy quick-step approach to getting results right away. 

Session 1 – Basic SEO Essentials

What is Search Engine Optimization?
How Search Engines Work
Organic Versus Paid Search
Anatomy of a Search Results Page
Why Apply SEO to Your Web site
How to implement SEO
The Benefits of Doing SEO
Google Trends
Making Your Content Effective
Google Panda and SEO
Google Webmaster Tools
Student Website Reviews
Questions and Answers

Session 2 – Basic SEO Essentials

  • Linking Strategies Through External and Internal Linking
  • Key Concepts – Authority, Relevancy and Pagerank
  • A Comparison of Various Links
  • Links and Google Penguin
  • External Linking Strategies
  • Types of Links: 
    • Understanding Link Diversity
    • Authority Site Links
    • Building links externally to you
    • SEO Strategy for Cleaning Up Links
    • Tips for Finding Links
    • Try a Link Discovery Tool
  • The Power of Internal Links: 
    • Internal Linking Strategies
    • HTML Sitemaps
    • XML Site Maps
    • Directory Style Sitemaps
    • No Follow Attribute
    • Disavowing Links
  • How to Stay Out of Trouble with the Search Engines
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: 
    • Blogging and SEO
    • Optimizing Your Blog Posts
    • WordPress and SEO
    • Tips For Increasing Your Chances For Popular Posts
    • Blog Resources
    • Blog Search Engines
  • Student Website Reviews
  • Questions and Answers

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